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Welcome to my Blog & Musings. Blogging is new to me, so please bear with me!

I've noticed that I'm often questioned about art therapy. So I'm going to try and address some of the questions I've been asked, as well as touch upon some topics related to the field that have come up for me in the past. Some of the topics I would like to address in my blog & musings are:

  • What is art therapy and why does it work?
  • What are some of the art therapy techniques I use?
  • How do I and others balance life and a counseling career so that I can be present for you, the client, 100%?
  • Why art? What art materials do I use, and why?
  • What types of art therapy or "compartments", so to speak, does art therapy co-exist with? (i.e. sandtray, grief, loss & trauma art therapy, narrative therapy)?

I welcome your questions and/or comments. I do want to be clear that my blog & musings are not to be used as a substitute for therapy. Rather, they're posted in the hopes that you and other folks who read this blog will become a little more familiar with the subject of art therapy and counseling. My goal is to take some of the mystery out of the field of art therapy and counseling and humanize it, so to speak. . . so stay tuned!