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Sand Tray Therapy

Sand tray therapy or Sand play therapy is another form of expressive therapy. There are many methods and teachings of sand tray, sand play, and world tray therapy. In my practice, I use sand tray therapy, along with art therapy and talk therapy, to provide you with the necessary tools to allow for healing to take place.


How Does it Work?

Miniature toys, figurines, and small objects are chosen by the client. These miniatures are then used by the client, to tell a story, within the tray of sand. This type of therapy allows the client to explore, work through, and express what is happening (or has happened) in their world. Like art therapy, sand tray therapy allows the client a tool (the sand tray and miniatures) to express and explore their feelings in a safe and contained environment.


Who is Sand Tray Therapy for?

Sand tray therapy can be used with all ages. It can be used to address all topics, including, but not limited to: trauma, abuse, attachment, self esteem, exploring the subconscious, exploring and expressing feelings, relationship issues, fears, etc.

If you are interested in further information about sandtray and sandplay therapy, please check out the links below.