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Being Present

So often in our busy world, we often forget (or even think about) being "present" or simply, being in the moment. In our rush-rush-rush we often live on auto-pilot, buzzing through our day thinking about what we need to do or what happened yesterday. Reflecting on the past as well as planning for the future is fine, and so often a must, but so often we forget to enjoy the present moment.

While in school, I took part in an exercise on "being present", for at least 5 minutes a day. Now, I thought this was a pretty silly exercise, until I attempted it! Every morning for 2 weeks, I opened the curtains in our old adobe home that my husband and I were living in at the time. There was an entire wall of windows on one side of our home, so I practiced being present with the task of letting in the sun every morning. I had no idea how often I would let my mind wander! So I practiced feeling the fabric of the curtains, watching as they crinkled as I pulled them together, feeling the sun warm my face as I pulled the curtains back and tying them with ribbon. It took me several days to start getting the swing of it, and I often caught my mind wandering off, so I would gently nudge it back to the task at hand to help teach my mind and my body to be present, to be in the moment.

I challenge you to try this exercise and see how you do with it; whether you do this when your folding laundry, working outside in the garden, art making, exercising, cooking, eating, or playing with your children, try being present for 5 minutes. It's more challenging than you think!

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