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The Family System

Family Tree

I believe that the family system is often the root of healthy functioning. Many times, there is a generational component to trauma where there are “skeletons in the closet” that have been covered for years and even throughout generations, often unconsciously. The children and families who are struggling with generational trauma continue to bare the burden from the previous generation, and as a result youth and families have learned to apply coping skills to survive. Unfortunately these coping skills can become unhealthy and dangerous (i.e., substance abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, and domestic violence)..

By applying the use of art therapy/expressive arts and evidence-based counseling techniques, the counseling session will allow you to explore and address trauma and other diagnosis in a safe and explorative therapeutic space with trained and professional guidance. This form of counseling allows movement through various diagnosis: allowing you to:

  1. Approach difficult subjects.
  2. Identify the trauma.
  3. Identify the way you have learned to cope with the trauma (maladaptive coping).
  4. Remove or replace the maladaptive behavior with positive coping skills.
  5. Have an increased awareness about yourself in connection to your family system.

I hold no judgment towards your past and current life and lifestyle. I am frank and upfront, honest and empathetic in my assessments and work with each individual, family, and couple. I believe that you know yourself and your family more than any clinician can begin to; by listening, providing a supportive and safe environment, and applying expressive art/and evidence based counseling, exploration and healing can begin! Whether you have participated in counseling before or this is your first time, I encourage you to take a step to positive change by finding out more about art therapy and counseling. I look forward to speaking with you to answer any questions you may have, and to schedule a time to meet. You can contact me by phone or email, or via my online contact form, whichever is easiest for you! Your call and email are confidential.

I also believe in working as a team with outside providers (doctors, psychiatrists, schools/educators, family members) in order to provide full comprehensive care. I am culturally and spiritually sensitive to the needs and beliefs of you and your family.