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Process and Approach

Do I have to do art?

No. Using art as part of the therapeutic process is just one of the many ways you can work toward your goals and address your therapeutic needs. You may choose to process/discuss your issues verbally and that’s OK! I believe in supporting you through this process in the way you are most comfortable, whether using art or not.

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What if I'm not an artist?

There is no artistic skill needed to engage in the process of art therapy. Art therapy combines the creative arts with psychology to help move you through the process of change. Art can be used as a metaphor for the things that you need to process in your life, but have not necessarily been able to completely make sense of or verbally address. Often times, just the act of "making art" is therapeutic in itself! It is not about being "perfect" with each art medium, rather it is the creative process and allowing yourself to play, create, and trust your process. Your psyche will let you know where you need to go in the process. I will provide the art supplies you will need, in order to engage in the art making process. Art media provided includes: paper, collage material, found objects, colored pencils, markers, clay, material, pencil, pastels, and paint. If there is an art medium you feel most comfortable with or really connected to, please let me know!

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What is a session like?

Because each person is unique, each session will be tailored to you and your needs, but usually we will have a verbal check-in and review your concerns at the beginning of the session. Next, I may provide you with an art directive or I may just have art supplies available to you so that you can just jump into your work as needed. Sometimes there is talking during the art making, but most of the time, this creative process is a time for you to be with your thoughts and allow yourself to really listen to yourself and express yourself through the art making and the art media. We can discuss the art and the process after you finish the art making piece of the session. Often times, you may discover more about yourself and make better sense of any of the struggles you may be working through. Art allows clarity through metaphor. Sometimes there are sessions where it makes sense to spend the entire session processing verbally, other sessions it will make sense to spend it in the art making. There may be times we re-visit your art in order to make further sense of the work you are doing. My job is to guide you through the art making and therapeutic process by allowing you a safe space, witness to your therapeutic work, and a place to make better sense of yourself and your world.

Art therapy is an accredited mental health discipline and can be used within a variety of settings, some, but not all settings include: hospitals, mental health facilities, schools, nursing homes, and private practice.

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Do you accept insurance? How does insurance work?

As a licensed clinical professional counselor, my services are covered by most insurance carriers. Please see this page for more information about insurance.

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Other Questions

What if I don't want to do long-term therapy, but have just a couple of things I'd like to address?

Not everyone needs or wants long-term therapy. What you need in therapy will be different than the next person. Sometimes an individual may just need several sessions to "air-out" and address some of the minor problems that may arise.

Sometimes it is helpful for folks who have been in therapy previously, to come in for a couple of of sessions for a "tune-up" per say. Life is constantly changing, for all of us, and sometimes it's harder to get through the day than other times...that's when it's a perfect time to come in and take care of yourself!

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